Multiple Personality Disorder: A Study of Brand Archetypes

Brand archetypes allow you tell your brand story in a way that speak to your customer’s primary motivations; drive engagement and sales. It is the subliminal messages contained in your brand story that appeals to your customers. And once your customers align with your brand’s archetype, it is easy for them to trust your brand’s message; and thus build lasting brand/customer relationship.
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Mobile Advertising Is The Future

One of the peculiarities of living in the digital world is the speed at which information are exchanged. But more than just using them to get in touch with people, cell phones have become a core component of the modern consumer’s lifestyle, offering a wide range of opportunities like entertainment, data collection, knowledge acquisition, cultural innovations to mention a few. To harness this technological evolution, however, brands and individuals are beginning to use this medium to broaden their scope; widen their

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