The Death of Organic Content

Every day, over 3 billion people interact via social networks across the globe. Most would never get to see face-to-face till they die, but in spite of the physical distance, every one across the globe is fibre-optically connected to one ego-impulse. So intricate is this connection that it is almost impossible to think independently.
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Introduction to Digital Content Development.

There is more to Digital Content Development than merely stringing words together to entertain your readers. You have first to understand the brand; its market; learn a few tricks and you'll be fine. If you have time, I'll like to show you how.
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The concept of time and space in the 21st century has been redefined since the advent of science and technology. And now it is further demystified with the invention of social media. In fact, it is almost impossible to imagine how things used to be in the past. When Marshall McLuhan predicted in the early 1960s that the world would become a global village, it was received with a measure of skepticism. But reality now stares us in the face,

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