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Why Employee Surveys Are Still One Of The Best Ways To Measure Engagement

Once upon a time, surveys were a staple for every leader to solicit feedback and every company to assess engagement. But now, surveys are starting to look like diesel trucks collecting dust in the age of electric cars. Companies are using cool new machine-learning algorithms that crunch big data to measure employee engagement through email response times and network connections outside one’s core team, and forecast turnover risk by tracking signals like how often employees update their resumes. For decades, having regular employee opinion surveys

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The concept of branding is one of the most important aspects of marketing; as it helps us distinguish one product from another. Branding is as good as the product itself; because it both answers the question what (your company is) and how (it solves whatever problem). In determining how to position your brand, you have first to understand your target audience, their needs, behavioral pattern and how to leverage this. In fact, the strength of your branding process determines what impact

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Introduction to Digital Content Development.

There is more to Digital Content Development than merely stringing words together to entertain your readers. You have first to understand the brand; its market; learn a few tricks and you'll be fine. If you have time, I'll like to show you how.
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Branding 101: An Introduction

Branding is a simple yet easily misconstrued concept because it is often times mistaken for the product. A brand is not the same thing as a product because while a product can be copied by others, a brand is unique. This is what distinguishes Pepsi and Coca-Cola. This is why some people feel more connected to Coca-Cola, others to Pepsi. Succinctly put, your brand is who you are, what you do and the need you satisfy. From your choice of

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The Singularity

The world has gone social, man and social media are now one. It is almost inconceivable the gravity of the above statement. For many, the word social just means “Facebooking”, Tweeting and “Instagraming” to mention a few. Although these represent some platforms supporting the social media craze the world is currently experiencing. The impact this trend is having, not just on individuals but corporate organisations is outstanding. For instance, sceptics thought inventing the television was a waste of time, as

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