Introduction to Digital Content Development.

There is more to digital content development than merely stringing words together to entertain your readers. Like any other vocation, it involves skill, tact and creativity to mention a few. And being one of the most relevant skills in the 21st century, brands are beginning to deploy digital strategies to maximise their potential. Digital innovations have taken humanity to dizzying heights. Yes, the digital space is the latest currency in marketing and naturally, digital content creation is now in high demand. So, if you are here to hone your skill, you are one step in the right direction.

For starters, every piece of content you create including eNewsletters, white papers, blog posts, case studies should be carefully crafted to achieve a set of objectives like attracting potential leads; multiplying organic reach and most importantly, increasing conversions. It is important that the ultimate goal is to draw your leads deeper into the marketing funnel and you must be detailed in your strategy. What do I mean?

First thing you must understand is that you are first a marketer and the market dictates to you. This means you won’t always have the luxury of writing on your preferred subjects and style. This would not sit well with you if you are a poet like me, because writing to sell a brand requires more than rhymes or high sounding words. Okay, it’s not easy being a digital content developer, but once you learn the ropes; you will be on auto-cruise in no time at all.

Starting as a rookie in an agency or as a digital content developer with no prior experiences can be a little bit daunting, that is why it is very important to make your research and work with the right tools. My first day working in a digital agency was a disappointment. The first task I was given was to write contents for a particular brand but I ended up writing a love note to the consumers. To say I failed at it would be an understatement but that cannot be said of my works anymore, thanks to some useful tips I learned. But there are no hard and fast rules to it; the more you write, the better you become. So, here’s the gist.

Tip 1:

Get to know the brand and read everything you need to know about it. This would provide insights as to what the brand wants from you. Don’t take what people say about the brand for granted; every piece of information counts in strategizing, targeting and marketing.

Tip 2:

Make your content short and precise. An average consumer on social has short attention span; and you would like to get enough information across in the shortest time possible. But you must be careful not to muddle up your ideas.  You must master the art of arresting your readers’ attention. Having this in mind will help you to construct your words rightly. Short and apt!

Tip 3:

Part of knowing your brand well, is knowing the target audience for your client. You need to research your target audience, what they do, what they love and will love to read. Once you understand your market, you’ll have them eating at the palm of your hand.

Tip 4:

Read wide. Reading up what similar brands and competitors are doing, take as many helpings as you’d like and you’d always have ideas and insights to your market.

Tip 5:

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Nobody is an island of knowledge, what is important is your desire and thirst for knowledge. Desire it. Work towards it. Achieve it.

Tip 6:

No matter how creative you are, there are days you’ll have writer’s block; to keep your creative juice pumping; you’ll need to stay close to your source of inspiration. It is very easy to get dry when you keep giving without acquiring it backs. So, do things you love, go to places you love, make time for that serenity that gets the ideas flooding in.

Tip 7: Determine the purpose of your content. Do you intend to make awareness or get engagement out of the content? If the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. So make your content count.

This is not all there is writing good creative contents but I am sure it is a step in the right direction.




My name is Bukola Olusola, fun-loving model and creative writer. I have a strong belief that everyone has a creative gift worth sharing with the world. I have been writing most of my life. I started writing with some burning passion to share my reflections on life, love and stories of strength, courage and choices. Enjoy!

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