Digital Marketing Trends: Quality over Quantity

Following trends can be very effective as newly devised technologies, mechanisms as well as ideas or developments emerge daily. Nevertheless it’s important to keep it simple while running digital campaigns. Brand managers and advertisers need to re-emphasize on quality not quantity. An example is adoption of the social media calendar which helps you plan and record posts set to go out on a daily basis. There’s more to content than just consistency. In other words, it’s not just about how frequently the said content is disseminated but its detail and engaging aspect yielding profitable outcomes.

Thus, I do not believe in bombarding the brand’s target audience with repetitive information because this could bore them as we do not need long ass messages like roads of the never ending Eko market on our timeline. The focus should be on how engaging the posts are; one could post only four times a week and yield more beneficial results than the “three-time daily posts”.

Using other kinds of social media interaction also goes a long way. Live stories on Instagram and Snapchat should not be ignored. They could be used as effective marketing tools to cover events happening in real time and to launch a product. Hence, while using social media the focus should not only be on Twitter, Facebook and just posting pictures on Instagram. Imagine using a number of these application users to promote a brand to their “not so many followers” who pay attention to feeds from them.


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